Lab News



Dr. Shin gave her talk at Cell Biology of the Neuron meeting, GRC 2022. The meeting was held in Waterville Valley, New Hampshire June 26 - July 1. It took four years to come back here due to the pandemic and this place had been missed so much.


Dr. Yoon Kyung Shin and Yewon Jeon won best poster presentation award at 2022 International Conference of Korean Society for Brain and Neural Sciences! Congratulations!

The meeting was held at the Songdo Convensia Incheon, May 19-21. It was the first on-site conference where the lab members went together. We were happy to be finally out after multiple Covid waves.


Minjae Kang and Se Ri Kim joined the lab!
Two new grad students of the Dept of Translational Biomedical Sciences joined the lab. To celebrate the beginning of their first year in Dong-A Medical Campus, we went out for a short walk at 대신공원 trail. Happy lab life, everyone!


Dr. Yoon Kyung Shin receives Sejong Fellowship!
Her grant proposal titled "Axon-dependent regulatory mechanism of peripheral nerve myelination-demyelination" will be funded for the next 5 years by NRF. Congratulations, Yoon Kyung!


2022 Winter intership
강민재, 김세리 and 김민경 participated in our two-month winter intership program under the supervision of the lab seniors. On their last day the students presented their progress and led journal clubs. Great job!



2021 International Conference KSMCB (한국분자세포생물학회)
During the breif period between two big pandemic waves, KSMCB hosted 2022 International Conference in beautiful Jeju. Jung Eun volunteered for hosting and gave a presentation in Symposium for Young Scientist in Women's Bioscience Forum (WBF), titled "Molecular mechanisms of neural responses to axonal injury".


Lab open!
After one and a half years of a-bit-chaotic-but-still-productive period, we finally opened our brand-new lab! The space has perfectly prepared for recruiting more personnel with enthusiasm. Hope it is all filled with exciting science soon.


Eun Byeol Shin joined our lab as a research technician. Welcome Eun Byeol!


We had a short outing to grab a coffee and take a walk to the lake. It was fairly nice scenary with the cherry blossoms at the end of their season.


Lab members threw a surprise party celebrating the 1 year anniversary of our lab. Thank you all! :)


김효리, 강민재 and 서연아, Dong-A University undergraduates, have successfully completed their Winter lab internship. During the two-month program, the students experienced wet experiments as well as basic bioinformatic approaches handling our transciptome data. Great achievements everyone!



Prof. Jung Eun Shin gave a talk at the KSBNS2020 virtual meeting, "From Brain to Mind", about her recent work on the role of the stemness gene, Prom1, in axonal regeneration.


We took another lab photo at the bench to introduce our lab to the KSBNS2020 virtual meeting participants :)


EVOS M7000 has arrived at the lab. The purchase of this automated live cell imaging apparatus was generously supported by the Ministry of Science and ICT through the 최초혁신실험실 program. Lots of fun time to come working on this scope!


Yewon and Jung Eun’s paper is published in Molecular Neuroscience. The paper highlights the role of stanniocalcin2 protein in the regulation of axonal regeneration. Congratulations! Link to the article


Yewon Jeon, a graduate student at Korea University (thesis advisor: Prof. Yongcheol Cho, PhD) has joined our lab as a visiting student. Welcome Yewon!


Jung Eun’s work on the role of Prom1 is now published in PNAS! The paper reports that Prom1 regulates Smad signaling in the axon regeneration pathway and promotes peripheral nerve regeneration. The project was carried out as a collaboration with Dr. Yongcheol Cho's lab at Korea University. The work was selected for the cover image of the issue and also posted in local news papers. Link to the article


Our first lab photo was taken at the bench. Jihyung Han, a senior at Dong-A University Department of Biological Sciences, started her summer internship at our lab.